Just incase you want to debut on your 1st Long run for the year 
& a support crew is required to accompany you on the road?

Try to read these following considerations:

Dear Participant: You must be Emotionally and Physically prepared to join this kind of event, and prepare lots of your Money to buy your stuffs especially for the Gas, Food, and Misc.

Step 1:

Make a checklist of your running stuffs/equipment needed on the said run and put it on one CRATE for easy sorting:

* Your Most Comforatble & Frequently Used Running attire
* 2 pairs of Shoes and 1 pair of Slippers
* 5+ pairs of socks
* Reflectorized Vest / Blinkers (Required)
* Flashlight/Headlight (Led Light + Batteries)
* Cap/Sun Screen/ Shades
* Ice Chest/cooler + Ice containing your Hydration stuffs
* Gels, Salt, Pain Meds, Topical Analgesic, Pain creams
* 3-5 Gallons of Water (1 Drinkable & 1 For Washing)
* Towel & Sponge
* First Aid Kit ( Cotton, Betadine, Petrolleum Jelly, )
* Medications (Anti diarheal, Fever meds, Pain meds)
* Batteries & Chargers  ( Cellfone, Cam, Etc)
* Tissue paper and Emergency Toiletries 
* Foldable Chair  

* Foods and Snacks

** Optional: foldable umbrella , Label + Masking Tape + Marker

Step 2: 

Know the Rules & Regulations and Map from the Organizers and attend the Pre-race meeting for briefing

Step 3:

Create your own support crew that consist of the following:

1-2 Drivers (Reliever)
* He must know the exact location and driving route

Navigator (optional GPS device with extra juice [car charger])
* Knows the place very well and knows every location of gasoline stations, restaurants, Emergency locations, Toilets etc.

Food Handler
* Handles all your foods, gels, and prepares it on bite size servings

Equipment Boy/Girl
* Prepares and sorts out all your running equipments. This includes proper naming and tagging of bags for easy access.

1st Aid Specialist
* Knows how to treat wounds, bruises, cuts, blisters etc 

Hydration Specialist
* Knows the sign of dehydration.

Chipo Master / PT / Maseur / Masahista / 
* Knows how to treat swollen muscles, & Painful 

Your own Bed
* incase you need to sleep for 15-30mins

Friends GF/BF/BFFS and Family 
* In case you're already cranky in the middle of the race - this adds up spice to have a comedy/action/drama even words of 
encouragements that pushes you to the finish line.
(note: never ever bring your mom with you he he he he) 

Step 4: Taking Care of your Runner

Tagalog + English: dahil bore na muna akong magenglish
May mga chances na ang tanging gawin lang ng runner ay tumakbo na lang ng tumakbo hanggang the finish line. Kaya dito papasok ang Crew mo na magsisilbing Utak ng Runner by that time.

The runner and support crew and vehicle ay dapat may malinaw na communication along the way lalo na kung madilim for example:

*Running Distance and Intervals of a Pitstop: from the start ang kadalasang usapan nyan ay wait for me sa 5k or 8k
then nasa runner na yung ibibigay nyang distance according sa choice nya

*Pitch black ang route: may chances na may mga lasingero sa daan and worst aso at mga unexpected Monsters na maaring maencounter ng runner along the way, the best way to do this is to IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE and do his/her running business instead. Pero ang magagawa ng support crew dito ay pag may nakita kayong nagiinuman and possible    may sumthing along the way better stop 50 meters away na makikita ninyo ang runner ninyo

* Stray DOG: *Search google how to avoid this

* 50km Check point (DUST BOWL): Ang atake namin dito kasi ay kung makaabot ka na sa 50km eat lang ng konti, massage lang, ICE pack, Medications, change new socks and new shoes, new outfit at resume na. Ang iniiwasan natin dito ay abutan ka ng Init sa daan Attack while the day is young.

* Always follow the rules of the Race  & Cheer for your runner

* Just in case na maabutan na kayo ng HEAT ng tanghaling tapat, ang interval ng runner sa support crew ay maaring every 2km meet up na along the way dahil madaling matuyo na ang runner ninyo.

* Sa mga oras na need ng runner ng mabasa ang katawan..
Wag na wag nyong babasain ang lower limbs (thighs to the feet)

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