In starting your 1st Zero - 5km run, all you need is a good running shoe, a watch
 and enjoy your running experience while cruising along the road.
Gear Up Check list:
  • Shirt for running 
  • Running Shorts or Cycling Shorts
  • Running Shoes with comfortable running socks (more preffered to avoid blisters)
  • Watch
    (Digital Watch with count down timer) *casio gshock
  • Water Bottle for hydration
Suggested Locations in Running here in the Philippines:
* Luneta park (Around)
* Amoranto Sports Complex
* Rizal Memorial Stadium

* Global City, Taguig
* CCP Complex
* Folk Arts Theather
* ARC Thursday fun run route
Tips for Beginners  :
"I started running alone at first, until I find my running family"
                                        -J. Starks of Ok-Ok Runners / ARC

#Locate a good training spot in your community, nearby sports complex or nearby running spots.

  1. Start a training program that you will run 3 days in a week, where you should run in the morning or at night (after work).
  2. Search over the internet and Join a Running Club/Running teams accessible to you every week and try Register to an Upcoming Fun Run two(2) months ahead prior to your training as a  factor  for motivation for you. 

Warm Up:
  1. Ask a friend to run with you. (If not make friends with your fellow runner. Try to talk to him/her and ask him if you could run with him/her)
  2. Light Warm up by stretching your whole body from head to foot  
    (Check some warm up exercises over the internet or google)
  3. Walk for 5-10 mins nonstop and interval it with a light jog/brisk walk until you break a good sweat.
  4.  Light Jog/Run according to your speed/pace (Don't sprint!)
  5.  Do the 30:30 interval (30 sec walk : 30 sec run)
     use digital watch countdown time.
    or you can do the 1min walk : 30 secs run for beginners
  6. Remember to Re-hydrate your self.
  7. Just relax, enjoy your first run & try to finish your first 5k distance run, regardless of your time.
  8. Log in your daily miles @ and try to plot your running route for the day
  9. Enjoy running then repeat it the next day or the day after.
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Nice Review! Mr Starks


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